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Rip Prevention Kit - Rip Stopper

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The Prevention version of our Rip Care System is designed to meet the needs of hard working hands.

This kit focuses on two main goals 1) Hydration and 2) Smoothing
The Rip Care System contains everything you need to get your hands feeling good, feeling smooth and ready to take the abuse from your workout. In most cases prevention is the best tactic, avoiding future issues and skin flare ups can help you keep your hands working at their peak performance and allowing you to never miss a competition or workout.

Hydration - We focus on the hydration of your hands with products that will infuse your hands with natural oils, replacing the moisture lost by your skin.  Maintaining healthy, hydrated, pliable skin will result in limiting rips.  Our Balm, Mini Balm and 100% Cotton Gloves focus on these tasks.

Smoothing - A light abrasion is the name of the game here, just enough and not too much.  Allowing the system to remove dead skin cells and also flatten calluses.  Overgrown calluses often lead to a cycle of rips and blisters, maintaining healthy calluses is our goal to provide protection but not a rigid unbending portion of skin.  Our Sugar Scrub and Natural Pumice Stone work on these issues.

Rip Prevention Kit includes:
• Rip Stopper Balm (1oz) - A 100% Natural, hand crafted balm designed to prevent rips by offering superior moisturizing power in addition to reducing swelling and promoting new skin cell growth
• Mini Balm (5ml) - A gym bag sized version of our balm
• Sugar Scrub (4 oz) - A 100% Natural and hand crafted formula to get your hands back to competition ready shape quickly
• Natural Pumice Stone - A 100% natural pumice stone offers light abrasion to help remove dead skin and smooth out calluses to prevent future rips
• 100% Cotton Gloves - The Gloves seal it in, best used at bedtime so that the balm and gloves work together to offer the maximum infusion of hydrating goodness
• Rip Care Tips Card - This instructional card offers you all of the tips to get the maximum benefits from the Rip Care System

Ingredients/Effects: Rip Stopper & Mini Balm: • Sweet Almond Oil: Relieves itching, soreness, & dryness • Jojoba Oil: Promotes new skin cell growth & is anti-bacterial • Coconut Oil: Helps to retain skin moisture levels & softens skin • Shea Butter: Reduces inflammation, skin moisturizing & smooths skin • Tea Tree Oil: Antiseptic, Anti-fungal, Anti-inflammatory, cleans wounds & repairs skin • Wheat Germ Oil: Heals dry damaged skin & reduces scarring • Eucalyptus Oil: Analgesic, Anti-bacterial, Anti-viral, Anti-inflammatory • Tamanu Oil: Reduce scarring, promotes new skin cell growth, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial • Peppermint Oil: Anti-bacterial, analgesic, reduces itching, anti-microbial • Myrrh Oil: Anti-Microbial, Anti-fungal, & Antiseptic • Beeswax: Skin softener, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial & encourages wound healing

Sugar Scrub • Sugar: Acts as a mild abrasive to remove dead skin cells • Coconut Oil: Helps to retain skin moisture levels & softens skin • Avocado Oil: Conditions skin and has the ability to penetrate deep into the skin • Grapefruit Oil: Mood lifting & relieve stress