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Rip Repair Kit - Rip Stopper

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The Repair version of our Rip Care System is designed to meet the needs of damaged hard working hands that have ripped, blistered, cracked or torn.

This kit focuses on two main goals 1) Skin Repair and 2) Soothing Pain
The Rip Care System contains everything you need to get your hands feeling good, feeling smooth and ready to take the abuse from your workout. In most cases prevention is the best tactic, avoiding future issues and skin flare ups can help you keep your hands working at their peak performance and allowing you to never miss a competition or workout.

Skin Repair – This is where the balm’s skin healing goodness comes into play. During the healing stage the balm acts as a disinfectant and offers a breathable barrier to promote wound healing. Sometimes your skin doesn’t get a day off and you need to train or compete using the flexible bandage provides a physical barrier of protection whilst keeping debris and bacteria away from the open wound.

Soothing Pain – Our goal is to minimize the pain of your ripped skin as quickly as possible. The Ripwash stops the burning while cleansing the wound to promote healing. The curved scissors allow you to cut away any dead skin as close as possible to prevent addition skin tearing and discomfort. Our balm soothes the wound and reduces swelling and itching during skin repair. Those first few days after a rip are never fun, the flexible bandage allows superior wound protection while not compromising skin flexibility.

Rip Prevention Kit includes:
• Rip Stopper Balm (1oz) - A 100% Natural, hand crafted balm designed to prevent rips by offering superior moisturizing power in addition to reducing swelling and promoting new skin cell growth
• Mini Balm (5ml) - A gym bag sized version of our balm
• Ripwash Sterile Saline Spray (3oz) - A 100% Natural sterile solution used to clean away debris and bacteria from your ripped, damaged or torn skin
• Thin Bandage – Specially formulated bandage designed to not stick to your wound but creates a flexible layer of protection while training, in the shower or during the day until the wound
• Curved Scissors – Curved is best and allows you to clip away as much of the dead skin as possible resulting in faster healing time and less likelihood of pulling dead skin causing further damage and irritation
• Rip Care Tips Card - This instructional card offers you all of the tips to get the maximum benefits from the Rip Care System

Ingredients/Effects: Rip Stopper & Mini Balm: • Sweet Almond Oil: Relieves itching, soreness, & dryness • Jojoba Oil: Promotes new skin cell growth & is anti-bacterial • Coconut Oil: Helps to retain skin moisture levels & softens skin • Shea Butter: Reduces inflammation, skin moisturizing & smooths skin • Tea Tree Oil: Antiseptic, Anti-fungal, Anti-inflammatory, cleans wounds & repairs skin • Wheat Germ Oil: Heals dry damaged skin & reduces scarring • Eucalyptus Oil: Analgesic, Anti-bacterial, Anti-viral, Anti-inflammatory • Tamanu Oil: Reduce scarring, promotes new skin cell growth, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial • Peppermint Oil: Anti-bacterial, analgesic, reduces itching, anti-microbial • Myrrh Oil: Anti-Microbial, Anti-fungal, & Antiseptic • Beeswax: Skin softener, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial & encourages wound healing