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Sugar Scrub - Rip Stopper

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100% Natural Rip Stopper Sugar Scub for Gymnasts, CrossFit, Climbers, Weightlifters, Rowers | Hand Care Helps Repair Skin Rips, Tears and Prevent Blisters | Promote Healing Damaged, Dry or Cracked Hands

Designed especially for athletes and their hard working hands. Each ingredient was hand selected to create the perfect formula to get your hands back to competition ready shape as quickly as possible. Nobody wants to lose training time so this Sugar scrub helps hydrate skin and remove callused and dry skin.

The sugar scrub works as a preventive measure against rips. The sugar scrub moisturizes and conditions palm skin as it removes dead and dry skin. Working to reduce the amount of overgrown callused skin works to prevent rips. Works great on callused fingertips and wrist areas also. Promotes new skin cell growth.

Ingredients and Effects:
* Sugar: Acts as a mild abrasive to remove dead skin cells
* Coconut Oil: Helps to retain skin moisture levels and softens skin
* Avocado Oil: Conditions skin and has the ability to penetrate deep into the skin
* Grapefruit Oil: Gives a mood lifting scent and helps to relieve stress

Works great in the shower/bath or while washing hands.

~Handcrafted with pride in California, USA~